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Chris Heaton 11/08/08 Brigitte Smit My Diet Analysis Project 2 1a. My username for mydietanalysis is cheaton6 and my password is starshine. 1b. I did not correct my diet analysis report using the feedback from the diet analysis part 1 project. 2. My recommended intake of protein was 55.52 grams. I consumed 117.83 grams which was 212% of my goal. My intake of protein is high. Of all the foods consumed, three that provided me with at least 20% of protein were; Ednamae soy beans with 32 grams, sunflower seeds with 25 grams, and chicken breast with 42 grams of protein. Since I am of the higher end of protein intake and a little below recommended in carbohydrates I could substitute the high protein foods with whole wheat bread or an apple. There are health risks associated with high protein intake such as increased blood cholesterol, increased calcium excretion, and increased risk for kidney disease. I am now aware that too much protein can be harmful, as I once believed otherwise, so I can better control my protein intake to help lower my chances of health problems. 3. My recommended intake for carbohydrates is 381.69 grams. My actual intake was 326.74 grams which was 86% of the recommended intake. Since my diet is a little low on calories and my energy from carbohydrates is only 86% of what is recommended I decided to look at some foods that would increase my carbohydrate intake. Some foods high in complex carbohydrates are fruits and vegetables and breads and grains. This would boost my total carbohydrate intake but would do it with the complex carbohydrate which are more beneficial than the simple ones. With my current intake of carbohydrates I am not in any particular risk of health problems, although since it is still a little below the recommended I may not be getting enough of the micronutrients.
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4. The recommended intake for dietary fiber for me was 38.86 grams. I consumed 46.63 grams which was 120% of the recommended. Foods that were high in dietary fiber were; ednamae soy beans with 16 grams, black refried beans with 14.8 grams, and sunflower seeds with 11.5 grams. Since I am slightly over the recommended intake it is good to know what health risks I may put myself at risk for. The biggest one would be dehydration since fiber draws water out of the body, so it important to stay hydrated. 5. The recommended intake for total fat was 86.36 grams. I consumed 83.81 grams of total fat, which was 97% of the recommended. Foods that were high in fat were; sunflower seeds, nuts, and eggs. As for the total fat intake I was just about right at the recommended intake. Much of this fat however was unhealthful fat like saturated fats. At my current intake level I am not really at risk of any health problems. 6. The intake recommended for saturated fat was 27.76 grams. I consumed a total of 14.68 grams of
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mydiet2 - Chris Heaton 11/08/08 Brigitte Smit My Diet...

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