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CHRIS HEATON MGT 2210 – 2:30 – 3:45 28 October 2008 Case Study 2 Facts – An Indian family purchased and maintained a home on Indian land. This family, the Long family than proceeded to create a cattle farm. They defaulted on their loan for their house, and their bank, Plains Commerce Bank, begun to try and evict them. While the Longs still receded in their residence, Plains Commerce Bank began to sell off the Long’s land to non-Indians. The new non-Indians were given a better rate and price on the land than the Indian family, the Long’s, had been offered. This case was first heard in Tribal Courts, which ruled in favor of the Long’s. However after several losses Plains Commerce Bank decided to take it to the United States Court. Issue – Did Plains Commerce Bank discriminates against the Long family for offering a better deal to non-Indians? Decision –
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