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Mike Heaton 321 - Heaton Mike Heaton Eng121-001 Reney...

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Heaton Mike Heaton Eng121-001 Reney Lordich 11 October 2009 Hockey is the greatest sport in the world but there are a few little things that if changed would make the game that much greater. Have you ever been watching your favorite hockey team when they have a great break out and scoring opportunity and the ref is standing in the way along the boards? I think that there needs to be a new rule introduced to hockey for this situation. They could have easily had a scoring opportunity but instead the play was broken up by the ref. This new rule should make it legal to check the ref out of your way if he becomes too close to the play. The same rule applies for goalies why should refs be excluded? They are out on the ice and involved with the game as much as everyone else why are we trying to protect them? This would greatly increase the games entertainment for everybody. We all like watching big bone crunching checks in hockey and by doing this there will be more highlights and fans. And just think now the players can finally get even with a ref for giving them a B.S. penalty.
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This note was uploaded on 11/03/2009 for the course BIO 102 taught by Professor Carpenter during the Spring '08 term at Alaska Anch.

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Mike Heaton 321 - Heaton Mike Heaton Eng121-001 Reney...

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