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Post It Incsw - or she submits a copy of the approved...

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Memo Date: 07:16:52 To: All Employees From: Chris Heaton Subject: Free Schooling for Employees! New Tuition Reimbursement Program Do you want to develop new and innovative skills that would place you on the road to a successful and fulfilling career? Our company is creating a program that would reimburse our employees for their tuition expenses. This program is yet another effort to guarantee that our employees exceed and excel in this competitive job market. Each employee is automatically eligible to receive up to $3,500 each calendar year to pay for tuition and other school expenses. The degree may be one of which; 1) would help the employees in their current position or 2.) Would qualify the employee for a promotion or transfer within our organization. Employees will be reimbursed only if the course is completed with a grade of C or better, and after he
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Unformatted text preview: or she submits a copy of the approved application, an official grade report and the statement of the tuition paid. To receive an application or for more information on this exciting offer and to see how you can qualify, log into your employee account and access the Employee Tuition Program under employee benefits. I can also be reached directly through my email, , for any additional questions that may remain. Our employees are the greatest asset we have as a company, and this is an effort to guarantee that we do have the best employees for the job. Today is the day to pursue your education, and let us help you earn a better tomorrow! 2...
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Post It Incsw - or she submits a copy of the approved...

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