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Mike Heaton Eng. 121-001 Reney Lordich 3 October 2009 Black Men and Public Space I thought that the beginning of this story was misleading how it said “his first victim”, as if he had done something wrong. Then you go on to find out that his first victim was just the first woman that was scared of him just because of the way he looked. I think that it is bad that people judge other people like that. They don’t know anything about them except the way that they look on the outside. That is just like the old sane, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I think that the same should apply with people. But then again I could also see the woman’s side too. Maybe she had been mugged or something before and now she is paranoid of everyone not just that man.
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Unformatted text preview: You don’t know her and her past either so you can’t judge her either. She might not be concerned at all with hoe he looks but just the fact that someone was there might have been enough to scare her into running. I just think that today people try and focus on the bad things not the good. There will always be who is racist against you and instead of focusing on that and getting pissed I think we should just look past and just say that if that’s how that person feels than they are not someone I want to waste my time talking to. There are plenty of nicer people to talk to. But instead people judge others right back which makes them just as bad as the first person....
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