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Mike Heaton Eng. 121-001 Reney Lordich 3 October 2009 Salvation I thought that this story was sad because that little boy Langston did not believe in Jesus anymore because he didn’t see him in church that day. This was all caused by a misunderstanding. Langston was told that he would see a bright light followed by Jesus and that is when he would know that he is saved. Then when he was waiting to see Jesus and doesn’t, he thinks that it is because Jesus doesn’t want to save him. Langston was sure that all of the other children had seen him because they all went right up in front with no hesitation. I think that what they needed to tell Langston before that day
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Unformatted text preview: when he was saved was you don’t see Jesus until the day you die, but as long as you have faith that he is always with you he will be there with you forever. Since Langston was told that he would literally see Jesus in church that day he lost his faith in him when he did not appear in front of him. Hopefully Langston’s Aunt will talk to him about why he was crying and clear up the mess that she unintentionally made. Langston really did seem like a good person that wanted to find Jesus and be saved....
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