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reveiw5 - acted a little faster his brother might still be...

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Mike Heaton Eng 121-001 Reney Lordich 29 September 2009 A Brothers Murder I thought that this story was sad. It showed that in some places violence is an everyday issue. That was really sad how right after the narrator was going to get his brother out of the town for a while he got shot and killed. It seemed like the narorator had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen to him but he just didn’t act fast enough. They should have just both left that same night that they talked. That would devastate me if the same situation happened with one of my family members or friends. The narrator probably had an extremely hard time getting over the murder of his brother event thou he grew up with murders all around him. This one probably hit him even harder because he saw it coming and probably felt like if he would have just
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Unformatted text preview: acted a little faster his brother might still be alive. He said that it felt like a part of his soul was cut away that day and how he still beats himself up for not acting fast enough. This story really show how much influence your community has on your life. If you are living in a community where selling drugs and murders are an everyday event than chances are that you will get caught up in all of that somehow or another. The thing that sucks is that most people that get stuck living in these bad communities probably don’t have much else of a choice. That is probably all they can afford and they can at least have a roof over their head there. I think that it was good that the narrator tried to get his brother out of his community but it was just sad that he was too late....
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