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Mike Heaton Rob and Jamie have been dating for 2 weeks before they had their first fight. All this started when they were driving past a ranch with a little girl who just got a horse from her dad. At this point rob goes off and starts talking about how today’s kids are so spoiled. He says that it is because of the parents that their kid never grows up and has responsibilities of their own. He goes on and says that these kids are served everything on a silver platter and when the free ride is up they don’t know anything. They will just go find some rich spouse so they can finish the free ride. At this point Jamie jumps in and says when I was five my parents bought me a horse. Just because my parents loved me and liked to see the smile on my face whenever I got a new toy doesn’t mean they were bad parents and I can’t grow up and have responsibilities. I did like you for you not your money but now I don’t know. Oh I’m sorry I had no idea you were like that growing up. Rob said.
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