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say no to rugs - she has never been disciplined before when...

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Mike Heaton Eng 121-001 Reney Lordich 26 October 2009 Just say no to Rugs I thought that this story was good because it reminded me of my dogs. I know exactly what he said about how dogs will find the one place that you told them not to go to the bathroom and go there. In my house the whole middle floor is hardwood floors except one little piece of carpet. This carpet is maybe two percent of the house but it seems it has about ninety percent of the pee and poop. I mean it is bad if they go anywhere inside but it makes it way harder to clean on the carpet. The dog that we have trouble with is my brother’s girlfriend, Kayla’s dog Maddie. Maddie thinks that she can get away with anything because
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Unformatted text preview: she has never been disciplined before when she is doing something wrong. That is one thing that is a must if you are going to have a pet you need to make sure that it knows you are the boss and there are consequences if they misbehave and dont lesson to you. I totally agree with the author about cat owners. I dont understand cats, if you go to pet them they will usually bite you or claw you. At least with dogs they will give you some kind of warning. Plus cats make your whole house smell with their letterbox. I dont understand why people buy cats. I agree there are advantages of having a pet but there are also people who should not have pets....
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