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The Ten Best Jobs To Work For

The Ten Best Jobs To Work For - Top Ten Companies to Work...

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Top Ten Companies to Work For According to Fortune 2008 America's top 100 employers and a brief look at the company. 1. Google – 60% job growth. Currently employs about 8150 US employees. Headquarters located in Mountain View, California. What Makes Google So Great? 2006 Google reported its revenue was $ 10,605,000,000. The stock raised above $700.00 a share. 99% of Google employees are given stock options. Google has offices located all around the world. It has expanded from its original form as just a search engine. Google now offers email, videos, scholarly reviewed documents, books, blogs, shopping and more. Google recently updated much of its Google Earth application as well. Google has only been operating for about ten years now but has shown no signs of slowing down. Google doesn’t sell products it sells advertising, 99% of its revenue come from advertising. As long as people continue to visit Google, Google will continue to thrive. 2. Quicken Loans – 68% job growth. Currently employs about 5000 US employees. The headquarters is located in Livonia, Michigan. What makes Quicken Loans so great? 2006 revenue was reported at $602,000,000. This company avoided to current financial meltdown and the subprime loan issue. Quicken “ethically” driven avoids any subprime loans, only sticks with the low risk loans. With over twenty years of lending experience, Quicken has built a solid reputation as a mortgage company. A good reputation for a mortgage company seems almost unheard of these days. However for the last five years Quicken has been in the Fortunes Top 15 Jobs to Work For. 3. Wegmans Food Markets – 4% job growth. Currently employs about 35,300 US employees. The headquarters is located in Rochester, New York. What makes Wegmans Food Market so great? Wegman’s reported its 2006 revenue to be $4,119,000,000. This family own and operated chain of grocery stores was named the nation’s best supermarket chain in 2007. So far 71 stores around the country have been opened. This company donates and contributes time and money to the local communities in which it has been built. This supermarket chain has some differences that they argue is key to their success. Experimenting with an open air market, displaying fresh produce, hot fresh bread, and fresh fish or meat. Also Wegman’s store hosts on average 70,000 different products, while tradition stores only hold about 40,000 items. They have market cafes within the store. These are small restaurants and eateries inside the supermarket. This allows customers to sample food and come up with their own
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