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We plan to have a big turnout at this event

We plan to have a big turnout at this event - attend the...

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We plan to have a big turnout at this event. In the past the 14er’s have been a winning team but they still are struggling to pull in a solid fan base. The Colorado 14er’s have the lowest average attendance per game out of any other D league team, with only 1,128 fans per game. We need a extravagant celebration to start the season off right, this give potential fans and current fans an opppertunity to meet the stars and enjoy the atmosphere. Since the average attendance is only 1,128 fans per game we are going to shoot for a goal of 3000 fans attending the game. The stadium does however hold 6000 fans for basketball games. Our ultimate goal is to make this an annual event and steadily ticket sales will climb as our fan base expands. So being the first year of this event, if we can draw an extra 1,900 fans that would be considered a success. In a few years time our goal is to be selling out this event every season opening. For our Tailgate before the game, we don’t anticipate all 3000 fans who attend the game will also
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Unformatted text preview: attend the tailgate. We are planning for upwards of 2500 fans at the tailgate party however, just so we can be prepared. People will come to this event for the tailgate atmosphere. It is going to be very family oriented, so anybody will have fun. For the kids we have blow up bouncy castles, free basketballs, autographs, pictures, $1 hot dogs, soda, and lots more. For mom and dad we have $1 beers and hot dogs, shirts, games, prizes, free tickets to another game and much more. The 14er’s are in the playoff’s for the second year in a row and have the potential We truly believe that this will be an exciting oppritunity for the fans and the 14er’s organization. The 14er’s are a winning team with a losing attendance sheet, this annual promotion can help the 14er’s fan base grow, provide a uniquie atmosphere, and ll of this alongside our very own 14er’s allstar players....
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