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Chris Heaton Sports Marketing Exam 2 1. Sometimes it can be very difficult to measure the effectiveness of a sponsorship, especially if you are running multiple promotions and sponsorships at the same time. However it is important that a company does know what works and what didn’t work to increase sales, image, and awareness for that company. The first method to measure awareness involves watching the media and just watch for mentions of your company. Another is to listen to media equivalencies, see if your company has gotten its fair share of word of mouth talk. Joyce Julius and Associates specialize in sponsorship effectiveness, and can really help you track the value of your promotions and mentions. Another method to measure results would just be to look at your sales pre and post promotion/sponsorship to see if there is any obvious hike in sales. A good idea for this would be to look at a year ago sales for that time, or figure out the average sales you do a month, and see if the promotion raises your average. Another method would be observing an attitude change in the consumer towards your product or company. This method can be compiled using surveys or interviewing people. Any sponsorship has the goal to increase awareness, image, and reputation
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as well as sales. One more method would be to measure the number of distributer’s pre and post promotion. The more people selling your products, the more people that will be buying them as well. All of these methods have their benefits and negatives in measure sponsorship effectiveness. If I only could pick one to measure the effectiveness, I would chose just to look at my sales pre and post promotion and see if
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Chris Heato1 - Chris Heaton Sports Marketing Exam 2 1...

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