Clowning For Medicine

Clowning For Medicine - Clowning is people basically trying...

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Mike Heaton Eng 121-001 Reney Lordich 26 October 2009 Clowning For Medicine I do not agree with clowning in people or animals. I just don’t think that people should not be playing the role as God by creating and destroying life. I know that we might be able to cure a lot of diseases and illnesses with clowning but it is not natural. I believe that God chooses when we are born and when we die and if he decides that your time is up he will make sure that you die even if you just had a new heart transplant and we are doing great something if bound to happen like a car accident. God is all knowing and all powerful and I think it is time that we stop fighting him and just make the most out of what he gives us. I believe that everything happens for a reason even thou sometimes it seems sad and harsh.
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Unformatted text preview: Clowning is people basically trying to overpower Gods master plan. I know that God didn’t want to see sheep with human organs or genetic copies of a human being kept alive only until they produce the necessary organs or cells that they need. We are creating mutants that should not have ever existed. Life should not be created in a libratory. If clowning for medicine becomes a reality the only people who would be able to afford it are the extremely rich people. I just don’t think that this would be a good idea we already have too much crowding and overpopulating in the world, the last thing that we need is to be able to live forever....
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