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indirect_fm_problem - EELSSSZ Maltreué FM(er PM)‘ Input...

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Unformatted text preview: EELSSSZ Maltreué FM (er PM)‘ Input cos In]. I Frequency multiplier Frequency converter Block diagrams of frequency multiplication and frequency conversion. To power amplifiers Ind antenna Frequency multiplier, x uI Frequency converter Narrowband phase modulator Narrowband frequency modulator Block diagram of an indirect (Armstrong) FM transmitter. An Armstrong-type FM system to handle an input with maximum frequency content of 3.3 kHz first generates an FM signal with B = 0.20 (constant), fc = 5 MHz. The de- sired output is required to have a carrier frequency of 30.0 MHz. Using one XS fre- quency multiplier and one frequency mixer (plus one required bandpass filter to follow each), devise two different system configurations to accomplish the desired objectives. Specify all frequencies and bandwidths in your diagrams. ...
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