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Unformatted text preview: DH: Vm S/nC‘Ch'W/g) . Sara CroSSIgs where $131 “Wk :0 :> “zigfluj [CL-5f S—ero Cro$5lr\5: .\ . 5mg 3 ; £7]:- {El-r: .2.” T T ’ 5: T, "—4 ____,. id— 4,—— 3—ero CrosSmgA 0b“ h::b/ojiw) i301““ Fr rs ngm Crossli'f ! /0 we = MEI: £3”: 3.077.- 277 I T Arc—f v.— ’— GLSQT: ‘- ‘M; 931‘ zuiqwfli) t: I. (A) ‘1? 2> Tr?» FIPSJ‘gv-QPOCV‘USSIFSQJ‘ ZJT .L I Z Z I 1:" " ‘ ’ t (1 n T T Z" Cowcluéay! Cu hskwlr babkAWLQL’H" 0L5 T IhCFEuS~€$4 cPflso’tM Few cm wto) yin-'90 CM thcraqses T ‘ grating} bdweefl Sfetfruaa (Guyanewfi dCCPeCLS€$ 04 T lhcf‘cages, fl: 71am we 52% a {fight} WU§ 5pc C‘ rum §‘ 3 ,,_o.=,~g k 43' w E l\ l U, = 0.05 1' a; fin“ to 0 Amplitude spectra for various values of r/T, d. r fixe 3:: In the limit as T-—> 00, only a single pulse remains because its nearest neighbors have been removed to infinity. In this limiting case. the frequency spacings approach zero and the spec- trum becomes continuous (see Chapter 3). %:}L :7 "C;;2, CIFS‘l'SQr‘O Chasm}?! {Eng-77:92 77. T t Z Ga) :39 :;£=;g rm) awmcwqt gmzmggéfi Concluclfi". ‘9 BandeJ‘E/fl lat/“e659; £9 E decregeg g Wail/:1) 'jgna/Eoéewboltk Zl lw,/Miizzrgzzorhggaflga ° 819(‘LCH\S belwemx Sfee’l'l/‘OLQ * \ (Olmpomwlfi 13“ Conffmwl‘(%7—7§é'=[an;lqm+) Dn a Sluts»: o S! chm dg‘glewdfi fnlirowllw olsc glxofpe and (9‘ OY\ TW‘FU‘JA T la “the Se 3- = 01* = 7% 0 lg : Sue W$k003 ‘3) 41,11: lllle nun... w “Siting we, .‘uuglmw 7-: W l claw-4 _.E he 031mm tic l gr M:- : Eto . ! litre {it Cgmfrw’ {he Wmmmflfllllgllllllfllflflflnkflm \ Cc} M l \9 SLO M \Alzlkd l\ Amplitude spectra for various values of r/T, T fixed. v—- ’— ...
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