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Abercrombie 1 Michelle Abercrombie INDIV 102, Lec. 851 My Career Plan Following a specific plan and setting achievable goals to attain a suitable career can help to realize success in one’s career journey. Many factors contribute to the decision of which career or degree to choose, but the most important factor is self satisfaction and comfort, in other words, will one enjoy working in their chosen field for the next fifty years? Of course it is more difficult to determine this before you actually gain real-world experience, but conducting research can help gather the facts that one needs to make such a decision. One such career that demands this research and consideration is chemical engineering. In order to determine if this career is right, it is necessary to consider degree of difficulty in school, compensation, job duties, typical hours, lifestyle, and opportunity for advancement. Chemical engineering requires hard work, so it would be best to determine if it is right before embarking on a career in this field. The first step is defining what exactly a chemical engineer does and is. They are the bridge between science and manufacturing, utilizing their knowledge to design and improve equipment and processes for large scale chemical manufacturing for profit as well as supervise production of products. This is why chemical engineers are afforded such a broad choice in where they work. The majority of chemical engineers, about 55%, work in the manufacturing industry ( However, there are also jobs in other areas, such as health care, biotechnology, and business services industries.
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Abercrombie 2 At the University of Arizona education in chemical engineering is available in both a bachelor’s and master’s degree program. In the bachelor program, one can choose a focus inside the chemical engineering degree from environmental, bio-medical, or just a general chemical engineering degree. This program requires many difficult math and science courses, and students should also pursue taking well rounding classes. Inside the field of engineering, chemical engineering is rated as one of the more difficult degrees to obtain. While in school it is necessary to acquire several internships in order to gain experience in a real-world working environment of a chemical engineer. Such internships require many applications to different companies and programs and a well written
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Career Plan Paper - Abercrombie 1 Michelle Abercrombie...

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