Ch1_ Pascal Introduction

Ch1_ Pascal Introduction - Computer Programming Computers...

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1 1 Computer Programming Computers: – Hardware, and – Software Software: – Set of Programs made of Instructions – An instruction is a simple elementary Task to be performed by the computer Example of instructions: – Read an input from the keyboard. – Display something on the screen. – Perform a computation (+; /; -; *). Programming is a problem solving activity 2 Programming languages Overview Computers’ language is made of binary representations: – Not intelligible by human being High level programming languages: – Make use of instructions that resemble to everyday language. – Have a language standard that describes the grammatical form: Syntax Examples: Pascal, C, C++, Fortran, Java, Basic, Cobol 3 Programming languages Overview • Relationship Between High-Level and Machine Language: – Need to translate from high level instructions ( source program ) into machine code ( object program ) – This step requires a special utility program called Compiler 4 Steps for Preparing a Program for Execution 1. Use the text editor to write the program (high level instructions), and then save it to the hard disk. 2. Use a compiler to translate the source program into machine program The compiler displays also syntax errors 5 Steps for Preparing a Program for Execution (Cont) 3. When the source is error free the compiler saves it’s machine language translation into an object program 4. The Linker/Loader program: combines your object program with any additional object files that might be needed for example programs for input/output saves the final machine program as an executable 6 Software Development Method 1. Specify the problem requirement: – State the problem clearly 2. Analyze the problem: – Identify input, output and any constraints 3. Design the algorithm to solve the
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Ch1_ Pascal Introduction - Computer Programming Computers...

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