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Ch2_PascalInput Output - Input and Output Input Read and...

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1 1 Input and Output • Input – Read, and Readln • Output – Write, and Writeln Unless specified Pascal uses fixed width output fields or numeric output Blanks precede output, right justified 2 Formatting integers The following statement: Writeln(123) will give as output the following: – 123 – The number is printed using 3 spaces Writeln (123:5) will displays the number 123 using five spaces: – - -123 Specifying the number of spaces used to print a number is called “Formatting” . 3 Formatting Integers(Cont.) Examples See Tables in Page_43 4 Formatting Reals The following statement writeln(123.4) will print the following: – 1.234000000E+2 (Scientific Format) writeln(1.234:5:2) will print the following: – -1.23 Syntax for formatting reals: – write (real-number: x: y) – y specifies the number of decimal numbers – x specifies the width of number. 5 Formatting Reals (Cont.) Examples See Table in Page_45 6 Formatting Strings • Syntax: – write (‘String’: X) – X specifies the field width (How many spaces will be used to print the string) – Example: write(‘a’: 5) will print the following: - - - -a (Five spaces used to print a) Example: Page_46
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2 7 Formatting Strings Examples 8 Write Vs. Writeln • Write: – No carriage return at the end of printing
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