Ch5_Computer Networks and Internet

Ch5_Computer Networks and Internet - Objectives Describe...

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1 Objectives • Describe the basic components of a network • Explain the methods of data transmission • Differentiate among the various kinds of communications channels • Describe the different types of computer networks • Describe different Internet applications 2 Centralized Data Processing Vs. Distributed Data Processing • Centralized: – All processing, data, hardware, software in one central location – Inefficient • Distributed: – Computers at a distance from central computer – Can do some processing on their own – Can access the central computer 3 Definitions Network • A network is a data communication system made up of hardware and software that transmits data from one computer to another. – In part, a computer network includes physical infrastructure like wire, fiber optic lines, and satellites. – The other part of a network is the software to keep running it. • Connected computers can share resources (files, printers …) and communicate with one another. 4 Definitions Data Rate Data rate: The amount of data transferred per second by communication channels • Data rate is measured in units of bits per second (written “b/s” or bps”) • Sometimes called bandwidth. 5 Definitions Types of Computer Networks LAN : L ocal A rea N etwork – Offers high speed communication (10Mbps) between computers within a limited area. – Network limited to computers on one floor or in one building or on campus. WAN : W ide A rea N etwork – Usually covers the whole country 6 Definitions • An internet (small i) is a set of networks connected by routers and that exchange data with each other in packets. • The Internet is the name given to the largest set of interconnected internets in the world. – The method by which data is exchanged on the
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Ch5_Computer Networks and Internet - Objectives Describe...

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