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CSCI 1950-F: Introduction to Machine Learning Collaboration Policy, Fall 2009 We encourage limited collaboration on homework assignments. No collaboration whatsoever is allowed on exams. We allow: Discussion of lectures, homeworks, and programming assignments. Referencing sources other than the course materials, including online sources, while reviewing the course lecture notes. We do not allow: Sharing of ideas in any written form: code, pseudocode, or solutions. Referencing sources other than the course materials, including online sources, while working on homeworks or exams. Enforcement Because Brown does not operate on the honor system, we police this policy. The TA staF is trained to look for policy abuses, and may make use of software designed to recognize
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Unformatted text preview: similarities across programs. Violating the collaboration policy is a violation of the Academic Code, and can result in some or all of the punishments detailed by the university: http://www.brown.edu/Administration/Dean of the College/academic code/ If you have any questions at all about the course collaboration policy, ask for clarication! Misun-derstanding the policy is not an acceptable excuse for not abiding by it. Agreement I agree to abide by the CS 1950- collaboration policy, and I understand its contents and consequences. Name: Login: Date: Signature:...
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