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Unformatted text preview: 15-750-s09Practice FinalPage 1 of 615-750-S09:Practice FinalName:Email:Instructions•Fill in the box above with your name, and your email address.Do it, now!•This exam is open book: That is, you may use two books (Kozen and CLRS), any handoutsfrom class, and your notes.•Clearly mark your answers in the allocated space. If need be, use the back of a page for scratchspace. If you have made a mess, cross out the invalid parts of your solution, and circle the onesthat should be graded.•Scan the test first to make sure that none of the 6 pages are missing. The problems are ofvarying difficulty, you might wish to pick off the easy ones first.•With each problem requiring you to present an algorithm, make sure to include the followingthree bullets: Algorithm: Correctness: and Timing:•Good luck.125225325425Σ10015-750-s09Practice FinalPage 2 of 6Problem 1:Coin Flipping (20 pts)Suppose we havencoins that are independent and unbiased. Consider the following process togenerate all heads. Initially we tossing allncoins on the table. We leave all coins that are heads-up,but all coins that are tails-up we pick up and repeat until all coins are heads.More formally aroundconsists of picking up all the coins that are tails-up and tossing them ontothe table. We are done when all coins are heads-up....
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practicefinal - 15-750-s09Practice FinalPage 1 of...

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