finance011 - FIN320/ Demirer Assignment 1 (8 points) NAME :

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Unformatted text preview: FIN320/ Demirer Assignment 1 (8 points) NAME : ____________________________ Please write your name and staple this sheet to your solutions as a cover sheet. This assignment is due on Wednesday, September 16. 1. Winston and Sons, Inc., has an operating cash flow of $141,200, depreciation expense of 89,300, and taxes paid of $76,100. A partial listing of their balance sheet accounts is as follows: Beginning Balance Ending Balance Current assets $146,800 $132,700 Net fixed assets $989,400 $909,400 Current liabilities $121,600 $138,700 Long‐term debt $888,000 $862,500 What is the amount of Winston and Sons’ cash flow from assets? 2. A firm has sales of $2,000 total assets of $30,000, and a debt/equity ratio of 1.5. The firm’s return on equity is 15%. a) Calculate the firm’s net income. b) If the firm’s dividend payout ratio is 60%, calculate the sustainable growth rate. ...
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