Ass. 1 - Celestial Seasonings A Business Steeped in...

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Celestial Seasonings: A Business Steeped in Goodness This case was written by Fiona and Edward Sylvester. Tea is the world's second most popular beverage next to water. It's popular here in Canada as well. According to research, as of December 2005, 77% of Canadians consume tea and 50% are regular tea drinkers, consuming the beverage on a daily or weekly basis. Among Canadians, Maritimers and Ontarians are the most frequent tea consumers with 41% and 35% respectively drinking tea on a daily basis. Tea tastes also vary according to geography. Hot regular black tea is most popular in Ontario and Maritime homes, whereas Western Canadians seem especially fond of drinking specialty teas, including green and herbal teas. In fact, according to the research, hot specialty teas are more popular than black teas in Western Canada. All of this research is great news for Celestial Seasonings, the largest manufacturer and marketer of specialty teas in Canada and the United States. Celestial Seasonings is a company that can trace its roots back to the late 1960s when Mo and Peggy Siegel and some friends began picking herbs in the Rocky Mountains. They packaged the tea in muslin bags, wrote the ingredients on the bags with a meat marker,
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Ass. 1 - Celestial Seasonings A Business Steeped in...

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