Weak Acid Titration Lab Report

Weak Acid Titration Lab Report - Weak Acid Titration...

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Weak Acid Titration Author: Michelle Abercrombie Lab Partners: Crystal Murphy, David Michael Instructor: Ivan Ogloblin Chemistry 104B, section 19 Date work performed: 12 September 2007, 19 September, 2007 Date work submitted: 26 September 2007 Abstract: Through the process of the experiment titrations are performed on several unknown acids to generate titration curves. From these curves it is able to determine the identity of the acid by comparing the calculated values of the K a and molecular weight of the acid to the known values found in the lab manual. From the data collected in the experiment, the unknown samples of acid used were in fact Glycolic acid, Formic acid, and 2-Aminobutanic acid. 1
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Introduction: The objective of the weak acid titration experiment is to determine three unknown acids from the three different categories, solid monoprotic, liquid monoprotic, and solid diprotic solutions by titrating them with NaOH. Monoprotic acids, (HA) will have only one jump/equivalence point, whereas diprotic acids (H 2 A) will have two jumps/equivalence points. NaOH will be used as the titrant, added in small increments to the prospective solutions, A2, B2, and C2. Because the solutions are weak acids, they will be at equilibrium, (HA + H 2 O ↔ H 3 O + + A - ). Using information from a titration curve (achieved by measuring PH as mL of NaOH is added), the relationship of the K a can be found by rearranging and modifying the original method of calculating K a . K a = [H 3 O + ][A - ] / [HA] K a *[HA] / [A - ] = [H 3 O + ] -log(K a ) + log([A - ] / [HA] = -log([H 3 O + ]) pH = pK a + log([A - ] / [HA] After the value of Ka is determined, the acid can be identified from the list of weak acids on page 160 of the lab manual. The process of the equilibrium of these reactions is important in the sustainability of the
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Weak Acid Titration Lab Report - Weak Acid Titration...

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