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Copy of MGMT 211 Chp 12 or 13

Copy of MGMT 211 Chp 12 or 13 - o Clinton went after the...

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CHAPTER 12 READ ON YOUR OWN Advertising is everywhere; it is the way a business speaks; What if I lie? FTC is primary regulating agency Deceptive Advertising: misleading, deceptive, a lie, reasonable person standard o Half truths; Exercise commercials, 15 minutes 3 times a week; these ads forget to tell you important facts Unfair Advertising: is not as blatant as deceptive; misleads a large a group of people with small damages; or a small group of people with large damages; targets people;
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Unformatted text preview: o Clinton went after the cigarette industry • FTC Improvements Act of 1980: basically killed off unfair advertising • Trade Regulation Rule: targeted at business that has a reputation of being unfair • Consent Decree: pay damages for commercial • FTC can make companies change ads • Can go to FTC court • Appeal to Federal Court of Appeals • Corrective Advertising: Listerine o Corrective advertising can be extremely embarrassing o...
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