MGMT 211 Chapter 16

MGMT 211 Chapter 16 - CHAPTER 16 International Cooperation...

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CHAPTER 16 International Cooperation WW1 o World makes huge mistakes o Good Guys: Italy, US, France, England, Russia (had to leave early) o Bad Guys: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Turkey o We wanted to take germany down o Good guys one o Italy was mad at end because they wanted bigger end of pie o German market became worthless o German turned on neighbors Beggar the neighbor policies: helped domestic country hurt surrounding countries Kept germany a float, destroyed france o Many people say this led to great depression WW2 was worse than WW1 The Bretton Woods Agreements o Late 1944 war in Europe coming to a close o 44 allied nations sent representatives to Bretton Woods, New Hampshire o The goal was to construct a unified economic environment o Created two organizations International Bank for Reconstruction (IBRD) Also called the World Bank Purpose was to lend money to rebuild Europe England, France, Germany, Italy US also helped
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Promotes economic growth and prosperity in less developed countries The International Monetary Fund (IMF): Purpose to avoid the beggar the neighbor policies of WW1 US dollar was main currency Goal to discourage nations from using competitive exchange rate devaluations Both are still in business After WW2 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) o Provided a cooperative environment in which nations could negotiate the reduction of trade barriers o All GATT members treated all other GATT members with the same respect o 1947-1994 o Was effective in reducing tariffs, not effective in reducing quotas or NQNTBs o Exceptions: Countries that had previous colonies, they could get better trading status than
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MGMT 211 Chapter 16 - CHAPTER 16 International Cooperation...

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