MGMT Chapter 15

MGMT Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 International Law Time period...

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Chapter 15 International Law Time period post WW2 For decades three major player: US, Europe, and Japan, referred to as the triad The quad adds Canada Japan o After WW2 japan was primarly occupied by American army o Japan is one of the worlds major producers of everything o Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Singapore started to copy Japan and did a very good job, were called the Four Tigers o Very successful o Malasia, Tailand, Indonesia, Phillipine Islands thought they could do it to South America, Latin America o Relied on import substitution growth: Stimulated development of domestic manufacturing by raising barriers to imported goods o Didn’t get involved as quickly as rest of world o Relied on making things for the country for themselves o Forced people to buy own products o South America is starting to open up, getting more and more involved o The problem is unstable government Soviet Union o Once the soviet union broke apart all the countries went different directions o Russia has huge oil reserves Warsaw Pact Nations o Poland germany Romania etc.
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o In 1956 the Hungarian students protested against Russia and told them to go home, the US didn’t help and Russia shut it down; led by the government; had dreams of making it o Poland was at the right time right place; demanded things from Soviet Union; Poland pretty much took whatever they wanted Africa o Revolutionary wars everywhere o AIDS has wiped out many of these countries o Sleeping giant o Many natural resources put also poor Austraila
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MGMT Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 International Law Time period...

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