Bank Reconciliation Case

Bank Reconciliation Case - Deposits per books $19,273.04...

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Brandon Smith Acct 327-508 Knight Enterprises Bank Reconciliation December 31, 2008 Account #1234 Balance Balance per bank statement $634,939.07 Deposits in Transit $572.29 Outstanding Checks ($2,674.99) True Cash Balance $632,836.37 Deposits in Transit Deposits in Transit - Check Figure Deposit made 12/25/2008 $572.29 Total Deposits per bank $27,151.31 Prev. Month DIT $8,450.56 Total DIT 572.29 Dec. Deposits per bank $18,700.75
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Unformatted text preview: Deposits per books $19,273.04 DIT $572.29 OK Outstanding Checks Outstanding Checks - Check Figure Check #1369 to State Farm Insurance $2,500.00 Total Withdraws per bank $26,439.67 Check #1372 to Verizon $75.00 Prev. Month O/S Checks $3,032.93 Check #1373 to Sudden Link $99.99 Dec. Withdraws per bank $23,406.74 Total O/S Checks $2,674.99 Withdraws per books $26,081.73 O/S Checks $2,674.99 OK...
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