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F09_ECE230_Homework__1_Solutions - Answer Because it is not...

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ECE230 Homework #1 (Due on 9/16/2009 before class) 1. Answer the following questions: a. (5 points) What is a digital system? Answer : Digital is a way we use to represent digital systems using discrete values. b. (5 points) Why do we need use digital system? Answer: For digital system, we can use error-correcting and data compression techniques: c. (5 points) Why do we use binary system?
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Unformatted text preview: Answer: Because it is not practical to use digital system that assumes to values. 2. Base conversion: a. (5 points) Convert 49 from decimal to binary? Answer : 49 10 = 110001 2 b. (5 points) Convert 79 from decimal to octal? Answer : 79 10 = 117 8 c. (5 points) Convert 479 from decimal to hex? Answer : 479 10 = 1 °± 16...
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