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Exam_1b_solutions - ECE 201 Circuits and Systems 1 Exam 1...

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ECE 201: Circuits and Systems 1 Exam 1 September 30, 2009 Prof. Tim Hogan Print your name: Student ID #: Signature: (By signing above, I am promising not to cheat on this exam.) Exams with no signature will not be graded. Question Score 1 2 3 4 Total Prefixes 10 12 tera T 10 9 giga G 10 6 mega M 10 3 kilo k 10 -3 milli m 10 -6 micro μ 10 -9 nano n 10 -12 pico p 10 -15 femto f 10 -18 atto a This exam is out of 100 points. Read through the exam before starting and feel free to do the easier parts first. Show your work. Careful of units.
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1 Problem #1: Matching & True/False 24 points Match the Property in the left column to the Phrase in the right column by placing the appropriate letter from the Property column in the boxes provided. Each Property can be used any number of times, such that some letters might not be used, while others could be used more than once . (2 points each) Property Phrase A) Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law The point of electrical junction between two or more circuit elements. B) Power ௗ௪ ௗ௤ where w is energy, and q is charge. C) Conductance The product of times gives a result that has units of joules. D) Voltage A connection constraint. E) Node A circuit element with a conductance of zero siemens. F) Kirchhoff’s Current Law The sum of all current entering a given node equals the sum of all current leaving that node at every instant.
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