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Primary and Consolidated Metropolitan Areas Definitions
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CMSA – a U.S. government term for an area consisting of two or more overlapping or interlocking urban communities (known as Primary Metropolitan Statistical Areas) with a total population of at least one million. CMSAs comprise the 25 largest metropolitan area in the United States. The New York CMSA, for example, includes the PMSA of New York- Northern New Jersey-Long Island and New York-New Jersey –Connecticut.
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PMSAs-CMSAs PMSAs – A classification of the U.S. Census
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Unformatted text preview: Bureau applied to cities with te following classifications. Within a metropolitan area with a population of one million or more, there may be areas that would qualify as metropolitan areas of their own, yet are linked to other cities in close proximity. The individual areas are called PMSAs, while the metropolitan area containing these PMSAs is called a CMSA. • Examples: Dallas and Ft. Worth, are each classified as PMSAs, while Dallas-Ft. Worth is a CMSA....
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Primary_and_Consolidated_Metropolitan_Ar - Bureau applied...

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