Syllabus_Fall_2009 - Syllabus Microeconomic Principles(Econ...

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Syllabus: Microeconomic Principles (Econ 001) Note: For office hours, contact information, homework assignments, links to readings and much more, go to the course Blackboard site at . The textbook used is: Parkin. Microeconomics (9 th Edition). I. Introduction A. Opportunity Cost Main Terms & Concepts: Dollar vs. Economic Costs B. Using Graphs in Economics Main Terms & Concepts: Reading a graph Movement of a curve vs. along a curve Slope of straight and curved lines Maximum and minimum points II. Origins of Trade A. Scarcity and Choice Opportunity Cost Efficiency Growth Marginal Benefit and Marginal Cost Specialization Trade Consumption Possibilities Frontier (C.P.F.) III. Markets for Trading Movement Along vs. Shifts of a Curve Market Equilibrium Equilibrium Price & Quantity B. Elasticity Main Terms & Concepts: Price Elasticity of Demand (elastic, inelastic)
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Syllabus_Fall_2009 - Syllabus Microeconomic Principles(Econ...

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