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Econ001: General Information The syllabus gives you a class-by-class outline of the material I expect to cover. It also includes the dates for the on-line experiments, midterms and final in this course. This page includes some other information that will help you find your way in this course and answer some logistical and pedagogical questions. I. Blackboard During this course we will make extensive use of the web-based program Blackboard (abbreviated Bb) to distribute homework, refer you to additional readings, and give you feedback on your exam results and more. Please make sure you are able to log on to this course site by trying out the following page: and following the link from there. You should have two sites for this course: a lecture-wide site and a recitation-specific site. If you don’t have both (at least within one week), you are not properly registered for this course and will not get a grade! II. Aplia Aplia is an on-line service that has three types of exercises: ungraded practice problems, graded problem sets, and class-wide “experiments” with related exercises. Students receive 1 point for each correctly-answered problem set question and 1 point for each correctly-answered question relating to the class-wide “experiments”; practice problems do not affect your course grade. Students may accumulate a maximum of 300 points over the semester. It is expected that all students will strive to get full credit for the Aplia work! You will be able to monitor your point accumulation when you log on to the Aplia site. The fastest way to rack up Aplia credit is to do the experiments! Two experiments are offered: one in January and one in April. Students that log on to the experiment at the posted dates and times will compete with other students in an economic “game”. For each experiment, students accumulate points for correctly answering questions in preparation for the games and in analyzing the game played. You will earn 50 additional points for participation in the experiment itself. These points will be added
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ECON IntroInfo-12009_1 - Econ001: General Information The...

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