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Re-grade policy - 3 If your concern is about 3 or more...

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Dear Students, Your TAs spent many hours reading each questions carefully. They graded the exams in a uniform manner with clear instructions and guidance from me. If after reading your exam you have substantive questions on the material (e.g., you don’t understand what a normal good is), by all means seek out the help of your TAs. They will be glad to go over any questions you have. If you have questions about the grading, please follow the following guidelines: 1. Read my grading guidelines and make sure your concern is appropriate. Please look over your whole exam and make sure you still feel that the grading as a whole was amiss. 2. If your concern is about 1 or 2 points, please remember that it is well within one standard deviation and should not affect your grade. Relax.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. If your concern is about 3 or more points, please write down clearly why you think your exam was not correctly graded. 4. Please hand your WHOLE exam back to your R.I. with the written explanation of your concern. The whole exam will be re-evaluated. 5. You MUST hand in requests within 1 week of getting the exam. Exams are officially handed out this week in recitations. 6. We reserve the right to correct the grading downwards, as well as upwards. 7. Please note that a significant number of exams were photocopied to assure academic integrity. I am always available to discuss your questions and concerns but I would like you to help by following the above procedure closely....
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