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CRITICAL WRITING SEMINAR, SCHEDULE OF ASSIGNMENTS, FALL 2009 (subject to revision) AG = Across Generations . OI = Other Immigrants . PW = The Practice of Writing . PSM = A Pocket Style Manual . “BB” indicates Blackboard reserve readings. For every class, bring the PW and PSM books and a laptop computer. Until Oct. 26, bring the AG book. Starting Oct. 12, bring the OI book. Students will also blog regularly in their course journal. ________ Part I: Two Reasons for Transnational Conflict in Families SEPTEMBER W 9/9 In class: Course introduction. Syllabus details. Partner-biography exercise. M 9/14 Read: PW , 15-39 (Kenneth Bruffee’s “Remembering, Questioning, Generalizing”). Amy Tan’s essay “Mother Tongue” (on BB). Write: Partner-biography exercise. Collaborative/individual exercises on Tan’s essay. In class: The diagnostic Sample Essay. W 9/16 Read: PW , 147-174 (descriptive outlines/peer review). PW , 96-110 (reasons). PW , 80-96 (introductions and propositions). PW , 152-185 (detailed descriptive outlines and peer review). Write: Exercises. In class : Cover grammar quiz. Introductory team, pair, and individual writing exercises. Discussion/exercise on testing propositions ( PW, 95-96). Workshop a sample Two Reasons Essay M 9/21 Read: E#1 PW , 41-55 (“Position Papers” and Instructions for the Two Reasons Essay). Min Zhou’s “Conflict Coping and Reconciliation” ( AG , 21-46) Write: Grammar quiz results via e-mail to the instructor. In Class: Drafting three possible propositions for the first formal essay using two reasons. After settling on one, begin drafting Paragraph 2 and Paragraph 3. W 9/23 Read: David Faris, “Reasons” (on BB). Valerie Ross, “Reasons” (on BB). Write: First draft of essay 1, Two Reasons Essay, and outline, to BB. Bring: Two copies of your Two Reasons draft and outline. In class: Begin peer review of partner’s Two Reasons Essay. Students identify no more than two STYLE errors in partner’s essay The writer uses the two errors as the basis for creating his or her “Custom Proofreading Sheet.”
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Part II: Three Reasons for Transnational Conflict in Families M 9/28 Read: E#2 PW , 59-65 (Instructions for the Nestorian Order Essay). PW
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