ACCT251CA2-7Sol - CA 2-7(a Some costs are recognized as...

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CA 2-7 (a) Some costs are recognized as expenses on the basis of a presumed direct association with specific revenue. This presumed direct association has been identified both as “associating cause and effect” and as the “matching concept.” Direct cause-and-effect relationships can seldom be conclusively demonstrated, but many costs appear to be related to particular revenue, and recognizing them as expenses accompanies recognition of the revenue. Generally, the expense recognition principle requires that the revenue recognized and the expenses incurred to produce the revenue be given concurrent periodic recognition in the accounting records. Only if effort is properly related to accomplishment will the results, called earnings, have useful significance concerning the efficient utilization of business resources. Thus, applying the expense recognition principle is a recognition of the cause-and-effect relationship that exists between expense and revenue. Examples of expenses that are usually recognized by associating cause and effect are sales commissions, freight-out on merchandise sold, and cost of goods sold or services provided. (b) Some costs are assigned as expenses to the current accounting period because (1) their incurrence during the period provides no discernible future benefits;
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ACCT251CA2-7Sol - CA 2-7(a Some costs are recognized as...

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