Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 1 Mrs Westernra removes all the...

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Chapter 11 1. Mrs. Westernra removes all the garlic flowers in the room 2. The story of the Pall Mall Gazette reveals a large wolf escaping the gardens at night and returning in the morning covered in glass. The same night of the wolf’s escape is when a wolf smashes the window of Lucy’s room. 3. Dracula may be close by and planned an attack on Lucy. Chapter 12 1. Van Helsing knows that he is battling against the powerful count Dracula and wants to show strength and determination against his attacks. He wants to prove that he can counter Dracula and fight against him rather than back down and giving up on Lucy. 2. Quincy has mentioned before that he has encountered blood drinkers. He was forced to shoot his own horse for the vampire bats as they sucked it dry. Lucy is getting her blood sucked in a similar fashion by Dracula. 3. Renfield becomes more aggressive and escapes again. He attacks two men holding carrying boxes of earth. Like Lucy, Renfield has fallen under Dracula’s grasp. The boxes may come into play later involving Lucy and Dracula. 4.
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Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 1 Mrs Westernra removes all the...

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