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Cost Management Hansen and Mowen Ex 2-7 Name: SOLUTION Enter the appropriate amounts in the shaded cells in columns E and F. 1) CIMINO COMPANY Statement of Cost of Goods Manufactured For the Month of June Direct materials Direct materials beginning inventory $51,200 Add: Purchases 70,000 Materials available $121,200 Less: Direct materials ending inventory 18,600 Direct materials used in production $102,600 Direct labor cost 22,000 Total overhead cost 216,850
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Unformatted text preview: Total manufacturing costs added $341,450 Add: Beginning work in process 10,000 Less: Ending work in process (6,050) Cost of goods manufactured $345,400 2) CIMINO COMPANY Cost of Gooods Sold Schedule For the Month of June Cost of goods manufactured $345,400 Add: Beginning finished goods inventory 10,075 Cost of goods available for sale $355,475 Less: Ending finished goods inventory (8,475) Cost of goods sold $347,000...
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