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Your guide to the AP Program Inside: AP student planning calendar What you need to know for exam day Descriptions of the 37 AP Exams 2008 AP Exam schedule Students Parents and Bulletin for AP ® 2007-08
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2 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents 2007-08 © 2007 The College Board. All rights reserved. Visit the College Board on the Web: www.collegeboard.com. Important Deadlines and Reminders January–March Think about the exams you plan on taking in May. Have you taken a practice AP ® Exam? Review released free- response questions on www.collegeboard.com/apstudents to familiarize yourself with the exam. Complete released exams are available for sale on store.collegeboard.com . Many AP teachers conduct practice sessions with released exams to help students get a feel for the actual AP Exam administration. Will you need testing accommodations? If so, see page 9. If you haven’t already submitted your Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Eligibility Form, be sure to talk to your SSD Coordinator about the accommodations you’ll need for the May exams. For more information, visit www.collegeboard.com/ssd . Note these deadlines: February 22: By this date, your school will need to submit a complete SSD Eligibility Form for you if your request requires Documentation Review. March 7: By this date, your school will need to submit a complete SSD Eligibility Form for you if you do not need to submit documentation for review. (See the Eligibility Form for more details.) Are you homeschooled or do you attend a school that doesn’t offer AP Exams? In either case, review the instructions on pages 8 and 9, and note these deadlines: March 1: Deadline to contact AP Services for a list of local AP Coordinators at whose schools you might be able to test. March 15: Deadline to contact AP Coordinators identified by AP Services. May Take AP Exams, which are offered May 5–9 and 12–16. Do you usually carry your cell phone, PDA, pager, MP3 player, or any other electronic device to school? For reasons of exam security, these items are not allowed in the testing room. Don’t risk having them confiscated. Do you know your AP number? Your AP number is located in your AP Student Pack, which you’ll receive from your AP Coordinator or proctor. It links all of your exam materials to you. On exam day, you will be asked to label your exam materials with your AP number. Tip: Keep a copy of your AP number label or write your number somewhere safe, so that you can find it later. April Reread this bulletin. It’s especially important to review the exam security information and what to bring and what not to bring to the exam (see page 8). Continue to work hard in your AP courses and to prepare for your AP Exams.
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