Before canceling grades for invalidity the ap program

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Unformatted text preview: testing room. In addition, the AP Program may decline to grade your exam or may cancel the grade. 6. Invalid grades: The AP Program may also cancel grades if, in its judgment, there is substantial evidence that they are invalid for any reason. Evidence of invalid grades may include, but is not limited to, discrepant handwriting, unusual answer patterns, or inconsistent performance on different parts of the exam. Before canceling grades for invalidity, the AP Program would notify you in writing about its concerns, give you an opportunity to submit information that addresses the AP Program’s concerns, consider any such information submitted, and may offer you some options. The options could include a voluntary grade cancellation, a free retest, or arbitration in accordance with the ETS Standard Arbitration Agreement. Note: The arbitration option is available only for exams administered in the United States. exam day What You Need to Know for Exam Day In order to have a successful testing experience, you should be aware of what is expected of you and what the conditions will be in the testing room. Carefully review the exam security policies and procedures and the information that follows, and encourage your AP teachers to offer a timed practice exam that is as similar to the actual testing administration as possible. If you have any questions about how exam day will work, talk to your AP Coordinator. Labeling Your AP Exam Materials You must place a 2008 AP bar code number label on each of the exam materials where it is indicated to do so. If you don’t, it may be impossible to match your answer sheet with your exam materials, which could delay or jeopardize your AP grade. Your sheet of number labels is located in the center of the AP Student Pack that will be given to you on or before exam day. • You have a unique number each year you take AP Exams. • Never use anyone else’s AP labels or number. • Always keep a record of your AP number somewhere safe. You will need it throughout the exam admini...
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