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Unformatted text preview: apstudents to learn more about the calculator policy for each of these exams, and for a list of authorized calculators. • A ruler or straightedge only if you’re taking an AP Physics Exam. If you believe there is a problem while you are taking the exam (e.g., you aren’t given enough time for a section of the exam, or the directions you receive are incorrect), notify your AP Coordinator immediately so that any necessary action can be taken as soon as possible. If that doesn’t resolve the situation, speak to your principal. Reporting Ambiguous or Incorrect AP Exam Questions AP Exam questions are developed and reviewed carefully by qualified professionals who agree on the correct answer. However, if you believe there is a problem with a question, notify AP Assessment Development immediately, and no later than June 15. If necessary, action will be taken before the grades are reported. Be sure to include the following with your communication: • Exam title. • A photo ID if you do not attend the school where you are taking the exam. • Exam section (multiple choice or free response). • Your social security number for identification purposes (optional). If you provide it, the number will appear on your AP Grade Report. • A description of the question and the problem in as much detail as possible. • Your SSD Student Accommodation Letter, which verifies that you have been approved for extended time or another testing accommodation. What NOT to Bring to the Exam Room • Cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, e-mail/messaging devices, or any other electronic or communication devices. • Books, compasses, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters,* notes, or colored pencils.* • Scratch paper; notes can be made on portions of the exam booklets. • Watches that beep or have an alarm. • Question number. • Your complete home mailing address, even if you send a message via e-mail. All communications will be answered by regular mail. Lost or Damaged Exams In extremely rare instances, exams (or portions of exams) get lost or damaged in the shipping and handling process, making it impossible for the AP Program to score a student’s work. After exhausting every effort to locate the missing materials, the AP Prog...
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