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Practice materials in braille are available for most

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Unformatted text preview: ls, in which case you will need to submit Section I of a new Eligibility Form. • You need different accommodations. (Keep in mind that AP Exams in world languages and Music Theory include listening and speaking components.) In this case, your school’s SSD Coordinator must submit an Accommodations Change Request Form, with supporting documentation. It is available on the Web at www.collegeboard.com/ssd under “Forms and Resources.” Your complete Eligibility Form and/or documentation must be submitted by: • February 22 for students with disabilities whose forms require Documentation Review. • March 7 for students with disabilities whose forms do not require Documentation Review. The Eligibility Form indicates when documentation review is required. Grades for students who test with accommodations that have not been preapproved by the College Board will not be reported. You are your own best advocate for ensuring that you receive the testing accommodations you need; this means that you, the student, are also responsible for following through on the required procedures. Discuss your needs with your SSD Coordinator as early as possible before the deadlines, then confirm with him or her that everything has been submitted. You share the responsibility for ensuring that your Eligibility Form has been submitted—and approved—and that you will receive the accommodations you need. It is important to note that students that qualify for accommodations under plans such as the Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 are not automatically approved for accommodations for AP Exams. Check with your school’s SSD Coordinator to be certain all paperwork is properly completed and submitted. Information for Students Testing in California Amendments to the California Education Code require the College Board to adopt certain procedures for students who take AP Exams in California. A provision of this law mandates that students must be able to obtain certain information concerning the purpose of the exams, procedures for releasing grade reports, grade interpretations, and the use of exam grades. Much of this information is provided in the Bull...
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