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October 7 - 3 rd death 4 th Begging Against everyone he...

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October 7, 2009 MOVIE NOTES- BUDDISM The Buddha- grew up in luxury but gave it up to obtain ultimate wisdom He founded the first world religion- 400 million people Dhali Lama- teacher of Buddism Many different cultures NO supreme god but the Buddha is the “awakened one.” Nepal- a pillar was discovered and has an inscription and where Buddha was born; first piece of evidence of his esistence. Northern India was divided and Buddha’s father was a ruler; his mother has a dream that the Buddha will come. Buddha was named Siddhartha ; his mother died 32 marks on his body Siddhartha was very thoughtful and athletic Watched a a farmer ploqing in the field- 1 st reality; Asked why did things have to suffer Develops karma/meditation( 1 st Jana) His father wanted him to follow in his footsteps 1 st taste of the real world- 4 journeys and see 4 sights 1 st trip- went out of the country and learned the concept of aging 2 nd - noticed a sick man and learned that everyone can sick
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Unformatted text preview: 3 rd- death 4 th- Begging Against everyone- he left home to get answers and traded his robes for rags. Realized that the solution to life should be shared Was so good at meditation that people wanted him to teach them Just as he was almost starved himself to death, a young girl gives him food; realizes that fasting will no accomplish anything. Sat under a tree and meditated till he figures out how to reach enlightenment; Mara- demon; unleased an army of demons at Siddhartha and he turned them into lotus blossoms; tried to seduce with his daughters but their faces began to rot; Spent 7 days under the tree in absolute bliss 4 stepping stones to enlightenment Suffering in life Diagnose the suffering Cure for desire How to cure the illness and achieve enlightenment His stepmother became the first nun and made his son a monk He dies of food poisoning...
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