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October 9 - October 9 2009 NOTES B UDDISM 4th l argest...

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October 9, 2009 NOTES BUDDISM 4 th largest religion- 230 to 500 million; some people choose to worship this religion and another one 3 Main Traditions – in order from largest to smallest Theravada Buddism (Sir Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos) Mahayana (China, N/S Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore) Vajrayana (Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and Mongolia) Buddhism isn’t practiced in India All Buddhists pay respect to 3 main things The Buddha- The Dharma( teachings of the Buddha)- The Sangha- (order of disciples) – the community; Also connected by monastic tradition- monks and nuns Connected with Hinduism and other religion The Middle Path- allowing yourself to have the things you need but not too much; THE BUDDHA- born in the Brahmin/Hindu religion Idea in Buddhism- in every age another Buddha comes; we things are not good, the Buddha comes to make it good again; new Buddha every age Buddha- born in Nepal in an area called Shakya- named later Shakyamuni (the sage from Shakya)- names after he was enlightenment Siddhartha- childhood name
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October 9 - October 9 2009 NOTES B UDDISM 4th l argest...

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