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Affinity Orientation Seeing the perspective of gay person with the tables turned, like in the article Wkpl is a very enlightening way to have empathy for homosexuals. Once you are put in their shoes, you see the loneliness and alienation that they must face from their friends, families, and coworkers. This piece definitely gives an insightful perspective that allows you to learn to treat homosexuals in the workplace or anywhere around you with respect. They are sometimes like immigrants in a foreign country from the descriptions in this piece, so heterosexuals must be as accommodating as possible. As an employee and coworker of a homosexual I would just try and treat them with the upmost respect and consideration as I would any other employee. It would be smart to refrain from any gay slurs and maybe even offer support if they have times of need. As an employer of a gay person, I would make a point to give them all of the accommodations of straight employees, and not make them feel any different
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