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Disabilities - Disabilities The article Labels was by far...

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Disabilities The article Labels was by far one of the most interesting of all of the pieces from this class. Not only did it hit home for me because of the fact that I have some family members with disabilities but it really showed the point that has been made over and over in class. What I got from it was just like what we have been learning in class; even if it something insignificant and is not intentional, comments made in the workplace can still severely affect peoples emotions. Although most of the article was setting up the scene and giving some background information, the real climax was at the end about the picnic. Tim’s comment about being a gimp too was obviously a joke and he had no malicious intent, but it was devastating on her emotions. I think the article perfectly conveys how a person can be seriously hurt and the culprit might not even know they did anything. Although I did not really see any of my own attitude in this piece, the Tim’s attitude is one that I have seen too much of.
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