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Discrimination and Diversity in General While reading Visualizations and the Privilege , there were several points made that seemed insignificant, but I had never thought of them, which left even more of an impression on me. Those details were what I really liked about the two articles. In both, there was mention of “flesh” colored bandages not matching the skin of people of color. That is something that I see often, but I have never realized that, being white. I was very intrigued by Visualizations, because it forced you to see things from the other side, and realize how pretentious and arrogant the race in power can be. What I did not like however was the fact that Visualizations made it seem like there was no POC’s in the media and in the political arena and how Privilege implied that there are no problems for white people, and that they are immune to a burdened life. I think some things missing from Privilege are that I don’t have to worry about athletic success being credited to your race, I am more likely to get a lighter criminal sentence
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