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EC: Crucifix in the Workplace Not “Religious Harassment” The article Crucifix was the first one that I chose to write about because religious harassment is something that is absolutely unacceptable. I am somewhat of an agnostic, which does not make me lose respect for any religion, but it does allow me to have an impartial view on all religions. I do not simply side with Christians because they are the majority around me, I also try to be empathetic and understanding with people of all faiths. The analog about a crucifix being comparable to a pin up given in the article was absolutely ridiculous. It is absurd that someone could say that a crucifix is as offending as a pin up. Many times crucifixes are used for decoration rather than a statement of religion, while a pin up is a symbol of derogation toward women. As mentioned in the article, pin ups are not often the sole basis for sexual harassment cases, so just a simple crucifix should
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Unformatted text preview: not be either. There is a point where people go to far with religious memorabilia in an office setting, but a crucifix does not constitute a religious harassment case. Sometimes people need to accept that not everyone believes what they do, and that just like themselves, others like to have symbols of their faith and belief. Even those who are atheists or agnostics need to have a certain tolerance and understanding for religious memorabilia. It gives them no gain to have a crucifix removed, and it is not hurting them, so what does it matter? I have yet to understand how people can be so intolerant and hateful. If a coworker is constantly hounding another to consider converting or if they are pushing their views on others, a religious harassment case would be permissible, but just the simple hanging of a crucifix is outrageous....
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