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EC: Beautiful? Sexy? Who Cares?! The article Beautiful? Sexy? Who Cares?! , can be somewhat hard for me to relate to, but I think that men should understand what is being said in this piece. If women are looked at only as beautiful or sexy and not successful, confident, or intelligent we are taking away a part of their humanity. If we judge women simply on their looks, then we take away their ability to have a unique personality and make them one-dimensional. If people told me all of my life that I was handsome but I never received any other accolades, I would think of myself as very one-dimensional as well. I have never realized how much we use words to describe women’s appearances, but never seem to praise them for other characteristics. You often hear a woman described as independent, or strong, but even then it is addition to a descriptor about her appearance. It is almost as though a woman cannot ever be anything other than a pretty face, and when they are their appearance is still mentioned.
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Unformatted text preview: I think it is great for Dr. B-A to make sure her daughters know that they are creative, intelligent, and hardworking, and that their beauty is just a bonus. Women and men both need to understand that physical beauty is not what makes up a woman, but it is just a bonus. A woman does not have to be described as sexy and smart, instead just smart and let her sexiness be decided by the observer. If all women were able to comprehend this concept, it might help the outlook of women who are superficial and shallow. If they can see themselves for more than just a pretty face then they can see the inner beauty of other people too. I think that parents should enforce this concept more, so that their daughters can aspire to much higher goals. Without the confirmation of their other attributes, girls will not pursue a higher education and promotions in the workplace, but instead they will focus on creating and maintaining a better physical appearance....
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