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EC: Same-Sex Marriage: A Fair Ruling Finally with the article Same-Sex Marriage: A Fair Ruling, there is a story of justice and progress. The ruling in this piece is the ruling that I have been waiting to hear because is shows that, no matter how slow, America’s acceptance of gays and lesbians is gradually increasing. The judge in this case handled it perfectly. The defense that the state offered was pretty weak at best, stating that same-sex marriage should not be allowed because children are better off being raised in a single home by their parents, or at least by a married male and female and same-sex marriage would place a financial burden on Hawaii from same-sex couples who wanted the same benefits as opposite-sex married couples. There is no difference between the same sex couple and the opposite sex couples other than just their gender, so I do not see why they should not receive the benefits in the first place. Who are the straight couples to decide that their relationship is more legitimate than a gay marriage and that they should
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